Transform Knime output in Power BI


Can some one tell me if I could transform the Knime output in the Power BI? If yes, then how can it be done, or if there is any work around, without breaking connections between Knime and Power BI?

It says, because of Live connection you can not transform the data in Power BI.

Please help!


you can save it as excel /csv or inside a database and then connect to it with Power BI

Thanks Daniel, I tried this, however the Power BI is loosing connection with the excel file once the Knime is live. It allowing only one connection, either excel or Knime.

You are connecting the same excel file at the same time to KNIME and Power BI? Why not first transform your data in KNIME and save it and open the file in Power BI afterwards?

Hi Daniel,

I am not connecting the same excel file to Knime and Power BI. Both are different files. I am sending data to Power BI from Knime and I want to import one more data-set through excel file (which I cant add in Knime, due to some security issues). Both are different data. However, when I connect Knime to Power BI then I am not able to import any other data-set in to the Power BI, and I need solution on that, how can I import 2 different data-sets in one Power BI file (e.g. Knime flow and other excel/SQL etc. Hope you understand my query.
Thank you!

Hello @Samir_Nagure
You can create a data flow in power automate, reading from your working files, DB… and then connect the PBI to the data flow. The data flow can be programmed to refresh at custom periods and PBI will not notice it.


Thank you @gonhaddock

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