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I have read the previous posts regarding string to date transformation, however, couldn’t find an adequate solution to my problem.

I was trying to manually set the “start time” from string to date/date in the CSV-reader. Unfortunately, it keeps giving me an error for the first row to be transformed. Why does the error occur (only for the first row)? Or is this applicable to all the other rows as well?

I have also tried to String to Date&Time node, however, it also didn’t work.

Any help appreciated on how to transform the coloumn into a date/time.


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Hello @Newbie ,
The error occurred because of the format of “Start Time” in your CSV file. In the configuration of “String to Date&Time” find the appropriate format of the time you have. I indicate it in the blue highlighted format ==> dd-MM-yyyy HH:mm

Then click on the “Guess data type and format” button. You will realize that the configuration of “String to Date&Time” node will guess and change it to the more similar format of your own value ==> dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm
Finally, you can click “ok” and run the “String to Date&Time” node without any warnings or errors.

I hope this will be helpful for you.
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Hi @baharangh68,

Thank you so much! This solved the problem.

Have a great day,


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