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Hi Everyone,

A quick question. How do you change the format of data in KNIME? I’ve done this in alteryx but not sure how to approach it in KNIME. For example my input is this:


I want each appointment and event attended (respectively) to count for “1” irrespective of the total. So even if a student has attended 5 events I want it to equate to “1” because we’re interested understanding the number of students who attended an event/appointment - not how many they attended in total.

Therefore, I want my output to be this:


Hi @svijay

You can use a RuleEngine node for this.

gr. Hans


You can make a formula in the rule engine node:
$Appointment attended$ >=1 => 1
TRUE => 0

You can do the same for the events.

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This is exactly what I’m looking for! But what if I have two columns and I want it to be that irrespective of the number of students who attended an “appointment” and “appointment drop-in” I want only to count for 1? Does that makes sense?

Hi @svijay

Well something like this:

$Appointment attended$ = 0 AND $Appointment drop-in$ =0 => 0
TRUE => 1

gr. Hans


Hello @svijay

Could you upload an example of this scenario? I.e upload a sample Excel file with your data.

Thank you so much! This worked so well!


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