Transforming table structure to hierarchical ladder

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I have some stupor with transforming table data to Markdown headings for further export to Xmind shema

Convert 2 table column to Xmind shema

I realized that it is very easy to do this with MarkDown syntax with File-Import-MarkDown in Xmind:

Then I created test table to prepare 2-step exporting, and realized that table before expor must be so structure:

This is normal with manual table creation, but I have real table with 16 000+ records and how to make this transforming I don’t know for now:

how to make first table to second like the last screenshot?

If You have ideas pls feedback me!


Hello @roas and welcome to the KNIME forum

Check out this workflow. It looks complex to GroupLooping through TITLE but it is functional…
20220111_hierarchy_to_structure3.knwf (44.0 KB)


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