Transparency and axis setting with parallel coordinates plot

Hi fellow KNIMErs,

I would like to change the transparency setting of the lines in a parallel coordinates plot using the color manage node.
However, the transparency value is reset to 0 after re-opening the color manager node.
Why is this happening? It is reproducable with the latest KNIME release (4.5.1), see attached workflow.

PCP_Test.knwf (9.9 KB)

Another question is: How can I change the axis ticks in the parallel coordinates plot? I haven’t found any setting for this, but when plotting lots of data points the axis gets unreadable.


Hi @alxwdm ,

I don’t know about your second question, but for the first one I can’t reproduce it. When i set the transparency and then click apply or ok it saves the value, even after resetting the note.
Please be aware that in your screenshots you have selected different nominal values, and the setting is for individual for all entries.

Best regards,


Hi Paul, thanks for trying to replicate the issue. Good point, but I know that the setting is individual for all entries and every nominal value transparency is reset to 0 after I change it, no matter what I try (apply, reset, etc.)… I could even reproduce it with a new blank workflow. Strange that you don’t experience the same behavior…

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