Transpose for one column


is it possible to transpose only one column and not the whole table?

Thank you

Hi @Frank2323,

It sounds like you might be describing pivoting?
We do have a node for doing that, called Pivoting.

Does this sound like what you’re looking for?
If not perhaps you could explain more what a table would look like before and after this transformation.

Ah I understand now.
Yes, this would be something you’d want to do with the Pivoting node I mentioned above.

There are 3 tabs in it’s configuration window of the Pivoting node:

  • Groups: Select the columns to define unique rows. In your case this looks to be Supplier ID
  • Pivots: Select the column containing values to be turned into new columns. In your case this seems to be the KPI column.
  • Manual Aggregation: Select the columns that contain the values to be stored in the new cells and how to aggregate them. In your case this is the Values column and since you’re not doing any aggregation simply selecting First as an aggregation type will grab value you need

Try giving that a shot. If you need any support configuring that node I’m glad to help.


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