Trending Line in a Plot

Hello everyone!

I’m a very beginner at KNIME and I’m a bit lost on dealing with plots. To sum up: I have a two column matrix where the first one contains the x-axis value and the second one contains some y values. Now, once plotted, I need to find the best trending line and get it added to the plot. In Excel it’s quitte simple but I can’t find a way in KNIME.


Hi Miguel,

we do not have this native implemented into the nodes. I will add a feature request for you to our ticketing system.

What you can do is using the Linear Regression Learner or Polynomial Regression Learner you do get such a approximated line and a visualization.

Hope this helps, Iris

Hi Iris,

Thanks a lot for your reply. I have just implemented this solution and works, partially… I need to join both the trending line and the error bars in the plot to measure what error the prediction has.


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