Trendlines by loop

hello all,
have created a workflow to integrate a trendline into a line chart, similar to excel. Everything runs as well.

trendline_simple.knwf (54.9 KB)

But I fail to bring the whole thing into a loop to create a corresponding trendline for all data columns.

I have started here, but the right idea is still missing.
trendline_loop.knwf (67.7 KB)

small help would be very good.


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I made a component out of the simple_trendline and put it here in the WF. Unfortunately do not know yet whether I could file here only the component :slight_smile:


Trendline.knwf (20.1 KB)


Slightly improved version: Now the trend line is provided with the name of the selected column.
Single_Trendline.knwf (37.0 KB)

Done! It can probably be done more elegantly, but it works.
Trendlines.knwf (93.9 KB)


Very cool, thanks for posting your component! This functionality is definitely something users ask for a lot.

Have you considered uploading it to the KNIME Hub?

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hey @ScottF thanks a lot. Yes, feel free to pull into the hub.
i have never done it before, so i don’t know how to do it yet. but it can be done for sure :slight_smile:

here is also an improved version.
Trendlines.knwf (97.1 KB)

You can post it to your own account on the Hub, that way you get the credit and the likes for your hard work. :slight_smile:

Take a look at the short video for how to upload workflows and components to the Hub here, it’s about halfway down the page under “Share & Collaborate”:

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Done! hope so all right.


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