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Triage is the process of determining the priority of patient treatment using an internationally recognized 5-level triage system(with 5 = non urgent and 1 = most urgent). The dataset includes several features which are cleaned in this workflow afterwards used for model training using the Auto ML component. The best model is selected and saved to use it in the components below. To receive a triage prediction score the first component can be used to enter symptoms and vital signs. The data will be forwarded to a database to which a medical expert has access and add a diagnosis for each patient.

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This is such an amazing use case for what data-driven decisions look like! I can’t even fathom the excitement of an efficient triage execution while building with Knime. I would love to explore the workflow as well!

I was wondering if you could point to the data set used in this workflow by providing a link. I have tried searching for the data online, but my efforts are in vain.
Kind regards