Trigger "calculate" from outside?

Hello all,

I hope my question hasn’t been discussed before but after a quick search here I didn’t find any similar.

My question is: Can a “calulate” event be sent to KNIME from outside, e.g. a C++ program? My C++ program prepares some data and puts it into a database, the KNIME model reads this data, processes it and writes some other data back into the DB where the C++ program can further read it. To automate this whole process I’d need to be able to a signal to KNIME from outside when new data is in the DB.
Creating a new KNIME instance every time the calculation is needed will not be a good idea because of loading all the classes again and again is ineffective. Letting KNIME loop forever is also a solution I don’t like because then it’s not synchronized with the main C++ process. The best solution would be to “press the calculate button” from an outside process, but how?

I’m new to KNIME and I hope that I didn’t overlook something important in the documentation but actually I don’t know how to solve the issue.

Thank you in advance,


I am the real expert here but I don’t think this is possible at the moment (triggering an event in a running knime instance). The easiest would be to speed up the load process by excluding the loading of nodes that are not needed.
Then next option would be creating a node that would listen to such an event. That shouldn’t be that difficult to implement… But, again I am not aware of such a node… hope this helps.

Yes, without knowing too much of KNIME at this state I also thought about writing my own node that does what I want.