triple visualization


I have a table with 10000 rows and 3 columns which contain (Subject Object Predicate), I want to visualize the relationships in Knime, is there any node to do this task? or any external library to be used with Knime to perform this task? 

In Other Data Types there is a set of Network nodes, which include specific readers, but also allows you to create a network model (Network Creator node) to be populated from an input table (Object Inserter) to define nodes (subjects and objects) and edges (predicates) nodes. I've used this in relation to some text analysis. Depending on what you want out of our triples it help.  

The other thing that comes to mind but I haven't used is the semantic Web./Linked Data nodes in KNIME Labs. This has a Triple File Reader, for example, but is more focussed on SPARQL.