Trouble connecting to a MS SQL Server 2008 R2


I am trying to connect to a MS SQL Server 2008 R2, however i can't seem to connect to it. I've installed this driver: sqljdbc4 but i keep getting connection errors. Do I need to configure / install anything more / different to make sure my pc is enabled to create the connection?



Hi MrBlond,

the syntax has a little trick : you have to use curly brackets for the Database name, here is an example :



does it help ?

hi Kaymar,

Thanks for the suggestion.

I am not sure, i get a new error message now:  Execute failed: Could not create connection to database: Login failed for user 'xxx'. ClientConnectionId:a lot of numbers and letters.

So i think it is succesful in finding the database but the login is refused because the account is not valid. Would that also be your assessment?



Curious if you solved this issue--- I am at exactly the same point.


Which node are you using to connect?


There is a generic Database Reader node that requires the database driver be setup in the Preferences. If you want to use the JDBC driver provided by Microsoft, you will need to follow the steps provided at this link.

There is also a SQL Server connector that use an open source driver for SQL Server. I was able to successfully use both against a SQl Server 2016 instance running on Windows Server 2016 from a linux client.