Trouble with Database Connection Table Reader (legacy) Node

I am using Knime for my job. In all data manupilations and analytical studies i notice that the Database Connection Table Reader (legacy) Node doesn’t read all the data from database or after refresh main datasource node, Database Connection Table Reader (legacy) Node keeps old data.
Why this situation may be caused from? This is so impartant.
Could you please help me?
Thank you.

Hello @Zahide,

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Why are you using old (legacy) database nodes? What database are you using? Do you maybe prior to reading data from this table write/update this table using KNIME? Can you post some screenshot of your workflow?


Hello @Zahide,

unfortunately I’m still not quite sure I understand what is troubling you. So you do update KG column from 1 to 0 but Database Connection Table Reader node still reads it as 1? Is that the case?

Regarding legacy database nodes. Would say they are reliable but new one offer much more functionalities and are further developed so I suggest to use them. For example there is a dedicated Oracle Connector node. Check this guide on more about new database framework:

Please don’t share any sensitive data (like database URL?) on forum.


Hello Ivan,

You’re right, I didn’t realize the information at photo. That’s why i deleted the last post.
Yes, I refreshed my Oracle Table Connector node re-run the stream but in Oracle Connector Table Reader node the data came different. That was the first time I’ve faced such a stuation. I’m a crm specialist and doing lots of analysis like this. Wonder that what if this stuation repeats.

Other than that, I haven’t had any problems at KNIME. Just sometimes Database Connection Table Reader (legacy) node doesn’t read all the data from DB but I remove current node and after that add new table reader node. Problem resolves.

Thanks for your attention and the documents. I know DB nodes but didn’t use before. I’m going to use them after reviewing the sources.

Best Regards,

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Hello @Zahide,

I see. Well if it happen only once maybe it was some kind of glitch or race condition fault. Hope it won’t repeat.


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