Trouble with Knime 3.2 and Rserve

I have recently begun having trouble using Knime 3.2 and the Table to R node. When I analyze a small data table (1 million rows) everything works fine, but when I attempt to use a larger table (10 million rows) I get a failure.

I attempted to troubleshoot the problem by running the R script interactively in the node configuration interface.  Once the node initializes and the and objects appear in the Workspace if I view (print or head) I get "data frame with 0 columns and 0 rows" suggesting to me that the knime data table has not been successfully transferred to R.

Similarly, if I view the knime.log I see that the Table to R node begins reading the data as a .bin.gz temporary file, but then closes the file and the node reports a reset.  See attached log excerpt.
I'm wondering if you have any suggestions that might help me troubleshoot this.

Thanks, Doug B.

I can confirm that behaviour, there is something weird going on. I will look into the problem.

Thanks a lot for reporting!

Additional comment: I just realized that you were reporting the problem for the KNIME R integration nodes - not for the R nodes from the community contrib. Anyhow - they also have a similar problem since KNIME 3.2. I will try to fix it for the community nodes.

I was able to resolve this problem simply by increasing the Rserve receiving buffer size limit from 256MB (default) to 1024MB.  You can change this selecting Preferences from the File pull down menu, then selecting R from the KNIME section.


It was a different problem in my case. I just had to increase the memory for KNIME to solve it.


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