TRUE or FALSE in a new column under conditions


i d like to know if there is a function in knime to simulate same function in excel =cellA=cellB and the result is a new column with TRUE or FALSE



Hi @Pippobaudo89

You can do this in many ways in KNIME. To name two:

A Rule Engine whereby

$column1$ = $column2$ => "TRUE"

A Column Expression can also be used via:

if (column("column1").equals(column("column2"))) {
} else {

Hopefully this provides some inspiration.

WF: TRUE or FALSE in a new column under conditions.knwf (16.5 KB)


thanks so many…

i tried with rule-based row splitter (i love splitting data) with the same formula (comun1=column2 => TRUE)

but it doesn t work. You know why?


If you entered it into to Rule Splitter as you wrote, it indeed does not work. Anything rule based needs to consider the columns as ‘variables’, so $column1$ = $column2$ => TRUE
is the correct way of writing.

Tip: add the columns from the Column List, that way you ensure proper usage of them.

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OK THANKS. but i wrote exactly as you decribed in your reply but it doesn t work…

ook i got it… i wrote the double // so it is the reason why it doesn t work!!!


Yes, those are to make comments.

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sorry if i ask you, may you help me with this other task?

It s the last topic, i swear


Alternatively you can use column comparator for comparing if true or false

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