Try and catch: change of behaviour between KNIME versions 4.3 and 4.4 ?


I have been using the Try (variable ports) & Catch Errors (Data ports) nodes couple prior to KNIME version 4.4. If my memory serves me well for KNIME version 4.3, an empty data table connected to the original port would cause Catch Errors to choose the default port.
In KNIME version 4.4., the Catch node simply notifies “Node created an empty data table”.
Is this so ?

Furthermore, I wonder how to induce a node into error, following an empty data table (that is with a few defined columns but 0 rows), so that Catch Errors would choose the data connected to the default port.

Hello @Geo,

maybe Empty Table Switch node followed by Breakpoint node could help you.



Thank you @ipazin! Breakpoint on its own already does the trick :slight_smile:


Glad to hear that @Geo :slight_smile:

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