TRY CATCH LOOPS / Audit / Lucene API


  I am very new to KNIME (though been programming in OO for ages) and still in the process of checking the online examples and running the latest version of KNIME desktop.

  One of the examples (address fuzzy logic) makes use of a loop to construct a query.

  My aim is to

  1. Extend the example not to fail when an error is found. I cannot find decent TRY / CATCH examples. I find

      WIRING of try/catch within a LOOP confusing. When an error is found the loop fails so file processing needs to be restarted ALL OVER AGAIN. Can't figure the difference between data/var/generic catch blocks.

   2. Audit of queries executed to a text file. When an error occurs the output table. 

   3. The input file contains less than 500K rows but the KNIME folder ended up being very large. What are the best     practices / optimisations in processing  LARGE datasets. 

   4. How is possible to DEBUG java scripts or send output to console for DEBUG?

   5. How to construct a Lucene Query using Lucene API rather than StringBuilder?

Many Thanks :)





Your help is greatly appreciated since i am stuck. Thanks


welcome to KNIME!

Regarding your doubts with the Try/Catch nodes, why don't you post your faulty/unclear workflow (or at least a screen shot of it) so this Community can help you fix it? It is very difficult to offer concrete advice without having been able to see where exactly you are stuck.

Recently I have answered a similar question about using Try/Catch nodes with Loops, including a sample workflow. Maybe it can help you as well?