Trying to read multiple HTML files


I am trying to load multiple HTML files from a directory with many folders and sub folders into Knime.
Like explained in many examples I used the List files node to get all the .html files in the directory.
Then I use the Table Row to Variable Loop Start. The file reader node doesnt let me read the multiple files at once.

And here is my problem:

EDIT: I solved it myself after trying for several hours
How can I read the generated list of html files and extract the content of the specific file?

Further information: I want to write the content of the .html files into a database afterwards.

Use the Load text-based Files from the Vernalis plugin after the List files node will read all the HTML files in to the table - one per cell.


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Hi Steve,

Thanks for your answer.
I solved the problem with an Iterate List of Files Meta Node.

But I will try your recommended extension too.

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