Trying to transform stuff into missing values

Hello i have been having problems, i have to clone a column and then remove a bunch of values
i already cloned, but now i want to remove all but some values
i want to remove all the dates keeping the ones who are not dates any nodes i can use to remove stuff from cells without removing the whole line?
thank you very much for your time

Hi @Bleck

Convert the CONTA column to a KNIME Date-type with the String to Date&Time node (Date format = dd/MM/yyyy) . Uncheck “Fail on error” on the bottom left. Everything that’s not a Date will be convert to a missing, which you can filter with the Row Filter node.

gr. Hans


Hi @HansS , I could be wrong, but I think @Bleck wants the opposite :slight_smile:
i) To keep the non-date values
ii) Only remove the dates from the column, and not delete the whole row.

So converting CONTA to Date will actually remove the non-dates and doing Row Filter will actually remove rows :slight_smile:

@Bleck , I put something together for you. Let’s say I have this data:

So based on what I understood, in the column CONTA, only Row3 and Row5 will remain, the rest will be removed.


I also included an additional step to convert the empty values to Missing in case that is what you want:

The workflow looks like this:

And here’s the workflow: set some values to missing based on condition.knwf (15.3 KB)


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