Turn Data Save From Page to Table

Halo, I’m a basic user, I need a help.
What is the best practive to clean up data from web page saving into an excel format, with some information need.

I’ve saved my files (html doc.) - list files/folders → table row to variable loop start → line reader

What is the best way to organize the data dan get the information from that unstructured data? Thank you so much.

Hi @chococierry

There isn’t a real uniform answer here. It all depends on your usecase. How is the website structure, what kind of data do you want to extract from it, etc. etc.

Below is a snapshot workflow that I have in place that reads a directory of about 700 .html files which are similar in structure but have different data. Nodes like HTML Parser, Xpath and different kinds of string operations would be some go-to nodes for what you’re trying to achieve.

If you can provide more (anonymized) details about your input and expected output then for sure people will be able to jump in and help you. :slight_smile:


Hi @ArjenEX

Thank you so much for your great answer. I use Knime 4.7.1, but I cannot find HTML Parser Node. I’ve already install Knime Extension, but still no HTML Parser node. Where I can find that node?

I’m trying to wrangle data from some file data that I save from website (web page). Put them together in one table (can be excel table), clean data, and change text/javascript.

It’s part of the Palladian plugin:

Your description is too generic to offer any specific help unfortunately. You can find example workflow with the HMTL Parser for some inspiration on the beforementioned page as well:


What about only reading the text from the website instead of the html code?

Thank you so much. :+1: :pray:

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