Twitter API Connector to PostgresSQL Database


I'm new to KNIME, and I'm having problems trying to connect a Twitter API to a postgresSQL database. 

My Twitter API is connected and running well. I also have a google alert feed running through with a cross joiner node. After the cross joiner node I have inputted a loop end followed by a column filter. I'm having my issues here when trying to connect this all to a database. I'm using a postgresSQL database and my database connector node is connected to the database. I have then connected my column filter and database connector to a database reader. The database reader is where I'm having a failed execution. I'm not sure what to type in to my Query because I'm not sure if I have created a table for my data to be pulled from. 

I would greatly appreciate any help that is given. Also, I can explain more if needed.



Dear Cole,

the twitter api connector and the postgresql database should not be connected. You fetch the data into knime and than write back into the database.

Cheers, Iris