Twitter Data Collection

This workflow is designed to collect and store a sample of tweets on a particular search term. With each execution of the workflow, tweets are collected, favorite and retweet numbers are updated in existing records in a SQLite Database and new tweets are written to that same table. For longitudinal data collection, the workflow may be periodically executed manually, run via command line using the batch executor or optimally scheduled for regular execution via the KNIME Server (

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I have twitter dataset, but this dataset doesn’t contain actual Tweets (text). Instead dataset has TweetIDs. I want to extract actual tweets (text) based on the tweetsID that I have in the dataset.

Attached is the sample of dataset.TweetIDs.txt (1.6 KB)

Could anyone please help me with the node/workflow ? Please include your workflow when answering :slight_smile:

All I want is store actual tweets from these tweet IDs (TweetID.txt) into CSV file.

Thank you.

Hi @mcbenly -

I know we don’t have a solution to this yet, but let me link back to your existing thread in the main forum on this topic: Extract Tweets from Tweet IDs

We can continue the discussion there.