Twitter node not pulling all tweets

Hi. I am trying to analyze a twitter hashtag and it doesn't pull all tweets. What are the limitations of the twitter node or why would it not pull all the tweets? Also, what does "retweets" (an integer) mean if there are retweets in the search results (is retweet = true)? The number or retweets can be in the tens of thousands but the number of tweets in the results are maybe 80 including "is retweet = true". I increased the results limit to 1,000 and still get 80.

Thank you.

Example: this tweet by ESPN doesn't show when searching for #ESPN or #FIOSNY, both in the tweet.

Hi glenerik,

The limitation actually comes from Twitter API itself. The search API serves Tweets from the past week. 

Did you use the Twitter Search node? Actually, the retweets column shows how many time the tweets was retweeted.

I've tried to use the Twitter Search node and query ESPN or FIOSNY as you suggested and I searched for mixed (most popular search and the most recent ones) and I got 2098 rows as result (see image in attachment).

Hope that helps,