Twitter Search Retruns Truncated Tweet

The Twitter API has been changed and it returns the truncated tweet text by default.

The tweet_mode=extended parameter needs to be added to the API request.

Can this be corrected in the Knime search node?

Thanks for the reminder. I've opened a feature enhancement request and will follow up with the dev team today/

New Twitter's 280 characters format requires a repair in Twitter API Connector node, and we still wait for this. Thanks.

Any news on when the fix will be completed?

Unfortunately no improvements yet, despite the recent updates on Twitter nodes. I use Facepager 3.9 to get the full Twitter messages (untruncated) with the tweet_mode extended comments. This is my interim solution!

With Knime 3.6.0 it is solved. No more truncated tweets. Thanks!


I am sorry I am mistaken: The problem has not totally been solved yet. Normal tweets are OK but retweets are still truncated with 3.6.0 version!