Twitter Timeline Node doesn't work with flow variables

I have a workflow which is meant to search for Twitter users and retrieve their timeline:

When I try to link the user parameter on the twitter Timeline node to the flow variable, it will not let me do so unless I set a user name:

As you can see here the user field is erroring red.

When I use my own username, the loop works but it just returns my own timeline over and over again.

I don’t think I’m doing anything wrong here, but if I am please point out how. If not, then please fix it!

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Hi @deadlyvices

I don’t think your doing something wrong… I created the same workflow, to test it with 3 users and 10 tweets. And it works. I recieve 3x10 tweets (all different) The user in the Twitter Time line node is controlled by a flow variable. And in my flow it doesn’t matter what you fill in as user, see my example flow.
And it also doesn’t make any difference if my twitter user name is in the Table or not.

Here you find the workflow, find the differences :grinning: But before running the flow replace the twitter API connector with your own. This one is empty .

twitter_users_timeline.knwf (26.1 KB)

Hope this helps.

gr. Hans


Thanks. Your workflow works fine on my machine. I have no idea what is going on. I’ll just drop yours into mine and see what happens!



Hi there,

Correct. Some parameters in KNIME nodes work like that. As @HansS wrote it is sufficient to add some dummy string and then panel (flow variables tab) will reflect current changes and you will be able to successfully use node as again shown by @HansS :wink:


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