Twitter Users node appears not to work

My functioning Twitter API Connector node and File Reader node (successfully reading one correct @TwitterUser) are connected to the correct ports of the Twitter Users node. When the workflow is executed the Twitter Users node returns an empty table. I've tried this a bunch of times, including the last time which was a couple of hours after the preceding time (thinking perhaps some rate limit had been violated). Am I missing something, or is there a bug some where. Many thanks.

I was hoping Knime uses this forum for support - especially when a possible bug is being reported. I guess not.

It may be useful if you could share the non-working part of your workflow. Otherwise it is very difficult to try to spot what the problem could be.

Thankyou Marco. The workflow couldn't be simpler:

I have a similar workflow and it works properly, so I assume there is some sort of configuration error in yours.

A couple of things to check:

1) Make sure you copy/paste your keys/tokens properly inside the Twitter API Connector node. Especially the secret ones, when you copy/paste them from the Twitter Application Management console may end up having an extra trailing space which causes the key to be invalid. The node will still run and show green, but the query by the Twitter Users node will fail.

2) If you are querying based on User Names, make sure there is no "@" in front of the user name in the input table, otherwise the query will fail with user not found.

Hope this helps.


Thank you Marco -- now working perfectly once I removed the "@". For future readers, I learned also that the user name has to be precise - i.e. it IS case sensitive. Once again Marco, thanks a million.

You are very welcome. :-)


Hi RobertJay,

yes our forum is definitely the place for reporting any kind of bugs or feature requests. Sorry I missed your post.

And thanks a lot Marco for helping out :-)

Cheers, Iris