Twitter Users node limitation - Case Sensitive (affecting results)

Hey there,

Not sure if this is the right forum, but here it goes: I was testing the Twitter nodes, and when using the Twitter Users node, I noticed that it is case sensitive. Meaning, if I submit a query with user testhandle, if the original handle in Twitter is TestHandle, it will return an error ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException. If I submit a query with the proper handle (TestHandle) it works. This isn't helpful if you use the Case Converter; besides, Twitter API does work if you submit a handle only on small case or lower case, as I have tested.


Gustavo Velho

Hi Gustavo,

you are right. This is a bug on our site when we try to match the original rows to the results that Twitter returns. This should be fixed with the next release. Thanks for finding it.



Perfect, thanks Patrick! Glad to help!


By the way, any ETA for this update? Thanks!


Hello Gustavo,

This has just been released with KNIME Analytics Platform 3.2.0. It is AP-5971.


Just tested. Worked. Thanks!