Two Component Reaction: All Products appear twice

I have an issue with the Two Component Reaction. All reaction are done twice and hence I get all products twice. Meaning Reactant 1 index 0 and Reactant 2 index 0 are combined twice and so on for all combinations.

How can I solve this issue?

What reaction transformation is it ?

Is there a possible degree of symmetry where the reaction can be done twice to give the same product.


On the most general level it’s a Nucleophilic aromatic substitution and there is no symmetry.

(see attachement)


That reaction actually does have a symmetry element: there are two ways the first reactant (the phenyl bromide) can be mapped onto any molecule it matches. This results in you seeing two identical products for each of the first reactants.

This will be solved when we get the "remove duplicate products" flag enabled; probably sometime in the next few weeks.



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