Two Port Loop End (Column Appender)

Dear Community,

I'm currently setting up a machine learning workflow. Part of the flow is that I calculate normalized values for some  features i calculate within a loop (the features are generated by means of an external description from a matrix). I'm doing the normalization by using the normalizer (PMML) node, such that I can reuse the normalization factors from the training set for the test set. I planned to do this within a loop and to append the normalized columns to the original matrix.However I'd need for this a two port version of the Column Appender Loop end. So this one is sadly not available in Knime. Hence, I was wonderin wether someone implmented such a node or has a decent workaround?

... or do I have to code such a node myself? If so where can I find the source for the column appender Loop end node


Hi Ingo,

maybe you could use the "regular" Loop End with two ports together with several Transpose nodes? You might run into problems with the types, though.