Two simultaneously group loop with a joiner

Hi dear Knimers,

In my workflow; I have two separated tabales ; I want to run two group loop simultaneously on this two tables ; then join this two loops with each other; and write result table ( the joined table) in an excel!

Any suggestions?

Many many thanks in advance :grin:

What are the group loops doing? If the goal is a single large table, does the process really require dual group loops prior to the join or is the join something that could be handled with more complex join criteria?

If an advanced join approach is cleaner, then take a look at these H2 based joiner components. I personally use the Join Custom Condition component since it is the most flexible.


Hi @psfard, are you trying to do something like this? If you connect the first Group Loop Start with the second via flow variable you can determine the execution order.

However, as @iCFO suggested, I wonder whether what you need to do can simply be solved more efficiently with the Joiner node without any loops.

Happy KNIMEing,


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