Type Conversions in Java Snippits

I am new to Knime and while I have a lot of general programing experience I don't have any real Java experience.  I am trying to do type conversions (e.g. string to number and vice versa) in a Java snippit and am getting no where.  It wont take impicit conversions and my attempts at explicit conversions also dont work, probably because I dont have the right operators or syntax.

Can some one please tell me how to go about this.  It can be done with multiple nodes to duplicate columns, convert, etc. but it seems like there must be a simpler way. 


Mark Andrews

DuPont CR&D Information & Computing Technologies

Chemical Information Management Team Leader

PS We are finding Knime to be a great way to cleanse / convert input files for bulk load into our database.

This is more a very basic Java question, but here you are:

String to number: Integer.parseInt("123") or Double.parseDouble("12.3")
Number to string: Integer.toString(123) or Double.toString(12.2)

There are also special nodes for this, "String To Number" and "Number to String"