Unable to connect local database to Knime workflow

Hey everyone

I am using Mysql Connector and DB Loader nodes to load data to local database, I am new in database field and this my first time I am using knime for such a task

in DB loader node, when I try to run the node it gives the error: Execute failed: Loading local data is disabled; this must be enabled on both the client and server sides.

Can you please advise what should I do in this case to overcome this problem ?

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Hi @Mutaz,
The DB Loader uses the database’s batch loading functionality. It first creates a CSV file and then sends that to the DB, which loads it into a table. On the client side, which is KNIME, the functionality is enabled just by using the DB Loader, but I assume that you need to enable batch loading on the database side. I am not familiar enough with MySQL to tell you how to do that, though.
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