Unable to connect to Azure SQL database using DB connector.

Apologies for my late response @takbb
Yes python works for me.
Thanks a lot for your detail description and work - highly appreciated. I am currently short on time but hopefully have the time during the weekend to have a closer look at all your valuable insights. Thanks again!
(That’s why I love this community so much)


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Hello takbb,
thanks a lot for the comprehensive blog post as usual. Due to license restrictions we weren’t able to ship the official Microsoft JDBC driver with the standard KNIME installation. However we offer it as an extension that can easily installed. This extension comes with all the required files to also support native authentication. So once you have installed the extension native authentication works out of the box. The bad news is that the official driver that we ship with the extension is version 7.2. Which is fairly old by now. The problem was that starting with version 7.4 it wasn’t allowed to distributed the the DLL necessary for native authentication. The good news is that with the recently released version 9.4 it is now allowed to do so. So we are planning to update the build in driver to the latest version with the winter release.

The problem with changing the settings is a Java limitation that each DLL can only be loaded once and every time you “change” something in the driver configs we create new Classloader for each driver. We might add better checks if something has changed at all before reloading the drivers in the future.