Unable to connect to Knime server


We restart production server every saturday at 4 am,
but last week, after restarting production server, workflows are unable to connect to Knime server service , the following error occurred:

I checked log file and found network error occurred after restarting at 4:05:27

/workflows/.metainfo/repositoryVersion is updated automatically at 4:05:36 and seems repositoryVersion’s update failed(repositoryVersion becomes an empty file)

after I changed repositoryVersion file from empty to knime version, Knime server worked well. I think the network error cause repositoryVersion update failed.

My question is :
To prevent recurrence, How to avoid the repositoryVersion file being updated automatically?

KNIME Sever : 4.82

Thanks in advances.


It’s not perfectly clear what triggered the halt - it could have been network issues, but the executor also indicates uptime of 167 hours and in KS 4.8, the default was a 24h restart cycle, so it could have been a job hung in the executor as well. Then, when the server tries to restart it hangs.

Regardless, there isn’t really a way to avoid this issue, except to make sure that the server shuts down properly (task kill on executor is ok, but not on server.)

As KS 4.8 is quite old, we recommend upgrading to KS 4.12.3, which just released today. [1]

Thank you,

[1] KNIME Product Downloads 2020-12 | KNIME