Unable to connect to Knime Server


for some unknown reason, we are not able to connect anymore to our server Knime (4.13.4) from multiple version of Knime Desktop (I’ve tested 4.4 and 4.5.1, and also a 4.6 version (debug launched from eclipse development IDE), with the following message after login :

Don’t have any error message in the console log, no error message in the server log.

The connexion in the webportal is ok, and also from multiple different application that connect and use the rest api of the knime server (from .Net and javascript application, login, running a workflow and retrieving results are ok), but from Knime Desktop we are completely stuck …

Can you help ?
Thanks in advance

Are sure about the knime version? Your Screenshot suggest you to update to 4.2.


Yes I’m sure of the version. If you have read correctly the post, I’ve tested with three version, including one from the git repository.

Found reason of the issue (Not related to version at all) : we are developing a web app that needs to authenticate to knime, submit workflows, get back result. For that and to avoid the ugly authentication windows, we were using the REST session endpoint, and we have set the apache tomcat cookiesession samesitecookie value to “none” instead of the default one “unset”, because we are with our application on a cross site case. If you do that (or if you change it to lax), Desktop application is not able to connect anymore to your server.

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