Unable to connect to SQLServer


I am not able to connect to my SQLServer DB with Knime.
The DB ist accessible with Power BI Desktop, tho…
I’ve installed the latest JDBC-Driver von MS.
The connection attempt fails with:
ERROR Microsoft SQL Server Connector 3:1703 Execute failed: Login failed for user ‘’

Before that, I did several attempts with the packaged drivers of Knime, here I ecountered some SSL-Handshake issues. So I added the certificates to every Java CACERT on my laptop,
which led to to the error-message above.

Did any of you had similiar issues?
Is there a possibility to increase the log-level of Knime to gather more information?

Thank you in advance;)

Best regards


Hello @Sedat

You can enable query logging in the Configuration section of the Node.
Open the configuration, go to the Advanced Tab and click on the Enable box under the JDBC logger.

Once this option is enabled all query are logged into the KNIME log which you can open in KNIME via View->Open KNIME Log .


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