Unable to delete knimeLock files

Windows 10: Even though I am the administrator on my laptop, I cannot delete the .knimeLock files in workspace directories that I want to expunge. The system won't allow me to view the permissions and I cannot take ownership. The number of "orphaned" workflows in my system are beginning to add up with the further consequence that I cannot import workflows that happen to have the same names as those that are "locked". I'm a university professor receiving workflows from more than 100 students each term and the students often use the same name as their classmates for the workflows that they submit.

I used to teach my data mining courses using SAS EM and RapidMiner but elected to transition to KNIME a couple of years ago but this problem is becoming so frustrating to me that I am seriously considering a return to those platforms. Each year I churn out hundreds of new KNIME users so it pains me to think about the loss to our community of that stream of new blood.

It is apparent from the numerous postings on this forum that this issue has been going on for several years and it needs a resolution please.



I am sorry to hear you are heaving trouble. Actually I am using windows 10 as well. It is sometimes very restrictive when it comes to deleting files. However, I could always delete the .knimeLock files.

I would suggest to try the following, but I have the feeling you tried most of it already.

Try to change the rights on the folders, you need to have write rights to the full knime workflow.

Restart the computer and first thing delete all those .knimelock files before restarting KNIME.

Start KNIME with the -clean argument

Delete the temp folder of KNIME.

I hope one of those helps, please let me know if we were successful!

Best regards, Iris