Unable to download knimei

Hello, when I try to download Knime, it gets stuck on the download button. https://www.knime.com/download-installer/2/64bit 54 When I try to download from this link, I get “Warning”

I get the error “There is no associated file to download”


Hi there,

Sorry to hear you had trouble with the download form. The form has been tested and seems to be working fine - would you please be able to try again and see if you get directed to the list of download options?

The link you shared appears to be an link from our previous website. I’m assuming that it was maybe bookmarked somewhere? Unfortunately using that link to download KNIME won’t work so please try again via the download form at let me know if you run into any more issues.



I have the same issue, Once i fill the form and click on download, it just keeps processing but nothing downloads.

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Hey there @sbakshi2 and thanks for posting to our forum. We’re looking into what was happening on the download form. Will keep you updated! But just wondering: have you since managed to successfully download KNIME Analytics Platform?

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