Unable to download several files from Knime web portal


I have a workflow which creates multiple files. I use a loop to generate these output files as it varies from one execution to the other. I tried to use the file download quick form node without success. It displays only the latest file in the GUI. Note that I'm using different names for each file and I have checked that the files are created on the knime server - which is the case. Is there a bug with this node or am I doing something wrong?

Any help is welcome.




at the moment the file download node can only handle one file. A possible solution for your use case might be to create the files, zip them into one file and then offer this zip file as a download.

You can find a node called "Zip Files" in the IO- >File Handling category in the node repository that should be able to do this.

Let me know if this works for you.


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