Unable to Extract All Values from JSON file

I am using the JSON Reader, using the JSON Path to extract values from nested arrays, using the ungroup for one row per item and then using another JSON Path to extract all the values of the objects. This has worked until I get to a specific part of the test file. From that point forward it only recognizes the first line of the data and every row after shows as missing values. I am trying to determine if it is due to an issue with the Test file or something else that I am either not doing correctly or have missed a step somewhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
JSON Test 2.knwf (2.3 MB)

Hi @Page0727 , this is because your JSON Path for the last 3 columns are hardcoded to the contactMemberIdentifier 1623545069447975056:

So, only members with this identifier are being filtered. FYI, in your attestations, you have multiple members, so not sure how the end result should look like.

Yes. I see that. It should be a table that lists all the members information. This would take a lot of time to fix. I guess I should call this Test data a fail.

Thank you for looking at this.

Hi @Page0727 , an easy fix is that you can always use a wildcard like this:

This works. But because they each have more than 1 member, you will have multiple results, so you have to return the results as lists:

You can then choose how to present the lists.

Here’s the workflow:
JSON Test 2 - Bruno.knwf (2.4 MB)


Thank you so much for your help!

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