Unable to install extensions

I am trying to install extensions through file->Install Knime Extensions…it shows below error

Some sites could not be found. See the error log for more detail.
HTTP Server ‘Internal Error’: http://update.knime.com/partner/3.7/compositeContent.jar
HttpComponents connection error response code 500.
HTTP Server ‘Internal Error’: http://update.knime.com/analytics-platform/3.7/compositeContent.jar
HttpComponents connection error response code 500.

This looks like a network connection problem on your send. Can you check whether there is a firewall prevent access or a proxy that you need to configure?

I encountered the same problem. Does that have anything to do with the new version of Knime?

Very unlikely. Those are all typical errors for network connection problems caused by bad connectivity, proxies, and/or firewalls.

Thanks,issue resolved…