Unable to install KNIME

I have been unable to download KNIME. Each time I click the download .. nothing is happening.. no error message and no download.


Not sure if you need a login id before installing?

Request help.


Did you check the Terms and Condition button? 

Thanks for reply....Yes, I did, had filled in my details of mail id et al ..as in the first tab before going to the second tab for installing....clicked at least 10 times, different times, but still no download .. checked my antivirus messages..there were none... Help requested to download KNIME.

It automatically goes to the 3rd tab, but the download does not start.

For Windows, please use this link: https://download.knime.org/analytics-platform/win/knime-full-latest34-installer-win32.win32.x86_64.exe 

Thanks a lot Iris...seems to work now.