Unable to install Text Processing extention for v2.9


i can't succeed to install the extention ,the process is timing out;

please help,urgent !



This is a problem I regularly have from the update sites of timeouts, going back to many versions of knime. The issue still remains.

when you encounter this, the best workaround is to download the entire update site as a zip file from the following link http://www.knime.org/downloads/update

from there click on the update site link to download the zip. Then in the knime update site locations, point it to this zip file, you should then be able to install the plugin much more quickly and trouble free.

its not ideal but it will give you access more urgently. In the meantime, the way the updating process works may need tweaking somehow ...

Hi Mehdi,

i just downloaded KNIME 2.9 and installed the Textprocessing feature, everything worked fine. Please check your internet connection. The KNIME server connection seems to work properly.


This is interesting. I never had those problems. What kind of connection do you have?

Cheers, Kilian

Hi Kilian,

thanks for your answer on my post;

professional internet connection;

i'll try immediatly with private connection and report back;



it 's fine now switching to private internet connection;

issue was due to proxy security settings;

thanks !