Unable to parse m_expression in Math node


I’m puzzled with an issue related to a simple if then logic in a math node. I’m using all integer values for this calculation and the formulas don’t work. The error I’m receiving is:

WARN Math Formula 0:76 Unable to parse m_expression
Unrecognized symbol “NaN”

When I convert all values to Number (double), it’s working. Does anyone know why? Integer should be the correct format for these year and period values.



Could it be a 0 as integer? Did you try 0.0 instead?

I just tried to replace …),0) with …),0.0) but I got the same error in the config and was unable to apply it. To my understanding, 0 is an integer, so I don’t know why that would cause a problem?

Hello @Krau5i,

issue arises from fact that flow variable Fiscal Year is integer while in your expression it’s denoted as double (first letter after curly brackets is type identifier). If it can be both Int and Double (whether after importing data or some calculation) I suggest to make sure it’s always Double.


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That’s it! Thank you!

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