Unable to pass CSV Writer Node Output as workflow variable during batch mode execution

If I am using any writer node (Example: CsvWritter) , I am unable to configure the output path as workflow variable.

My Usecase:
Create WorkFlow variables like
Workflow variable1: Input_path
Workflow variable2: output_path

Node1: CsvReader -> Configure -> input_location= input_path

Node2: CsvWritter -> Configure -> output_location= output_path.

If i execute the above workflow with flow variables in batch mode -workflow.variable=“input_path”,“c://user//input”,String

It is only considering the input_path as runtime overwrite values, but for output_path it is not considering the runtime values.

How to configute output location as runtime variable at the time of batch execution, please.

I am developing workflow in my local I have written the final output in my local directory.(c: user). But if I want to execute the same workflow in batch mode by passing the output location as -workflow.variable the option is not enabled only for writter nodes.

Do you have noticed the missing hyphen before the second workflow.variable parameter?

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