Unable to read German Characters from teradata db

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While reading data from a Data base which having german characters like äÄé e,öÖ,ü,

it is reading as when we use db reader the below question mark in showing

It is reading as

Thanks in advance…!!

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Hi @ramuboggarapu,

which jdbc driver are you using?
And do you use any connection parameter?
Else you can set the character set to UTF, which should solve these issues :slight_smile:

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We are using DB Connector to connect teradata DB and default driver we are using Teradata[ID: Teradata]

Where can I set the character set to UTF while using DB reader C
Thanks for the help

Hi @ramuboggarapu,
If I remeber correctly you should just add the CHARSET parameter with your needed character set:

If that does not fix the selection - then you should verify if the table definition in Teradata is correct and supports the german characters correctly.

Teradata JDBC Parameters can be found here:

Thanks it works for me but teradata driver also has to be update in knime

Hi @ramuboggarapu,

great that it works now.
However just to clarify - as far as I know there is no default “Teradata[ID: Teradata]” driver in KNIME…
This driver was most likely setup on your end
(if not by you then most likely directly by your IT)

->so nothing the KNIME colleagues can do (besides providing this driver by default - which would be great :slight_smile:)

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