unable to run R version 3 with knime in ubuntu 12.04

dear all,

I want to run R version-3 for my applications with knime. But when I run R-source node, the error says to uninstall rengine2 to use verision 3 or  install rjava and point to file x64, which doesnot exit in rjava folder in R.

does any one have similar problems..



This feature need to be deinstalled from the KNIME installation and you need to point to the Linux rJava library, as described in this faq.

I got it working. I write this for the benefit of any linux users.

  1. Execute: 'install.packages("rJava")' in your R installation
  2. Point to the R home directory in KNIME under Preferences > KNIME > R (labs)
  3. Add a system property to your knime.ini:
  4. There is no x64 in rJava jri, so point to jri itself 
  5. Remove the feature org.knime.features.rengine.r2.feature.group from the installation Help > About KNIME > Installation Details
  6. Restart KNIME.