Unable to see Report


I’m a new KNIME user . have install Report Designer from Knime and extension but when I’m trying to generate my first report in KNIME 3.4.by using Data to Report node It shows blank report everytime when I click View Report button - or when I choose one of the options (PDF, DOCX), nothing happens.

All tutorials on KNIME website are for older verion of KNIME and I can find no help. What should I do to export and view my report as PDF file?

Here i am also attaching my debug report.

Its really urgernt !!!
Thanks for help!!!debug report.txt (5.8 KB)

Just to clarify this: You did add some report items to your report layout, right?

We’ve had a similar issue which was related to a an eclipse/BIRT bug when Internet Explorer was used to display the reports. You should have a look at this topic and give the proposed solution a try: https://forum.knime.com/t/empty-preview-page/6894