Unable to Update Nodepit Nodes


When i try to update the Nodepit nodes, i am getting below error.

HTTP Server ‘Bad Gateway’ : https://download.nodepit.com/4.6/compositeContent.xml
HttpComponents connection error response code 502.

Hi @Prasanna9078,

You are not alone!

I tried to do this earlier today to install the palladian nodes on a new machine, following the installation guide on nodepit and got the same response.


I checked my other machine though, and it was set to install from here (which still works)
so something has changed, or broken, or maybe the information on nodepit is incorrect?

Which nodes are you trying to install?

Whoops! The mentioned consolidated NodePit update site


should work again. Thanks @Prasanna9078 for reporting and @takbb for posting the alternative update site for Palladian :+1:

We’ll keep investigating what went wrong here. In the meantime and/or in case of questions or issues, feel free to also drop us a message at mail@nodepit.com or use the contact form on NodePit to get faster feedback!

Best regards,


It’s down again!

Thank you

Sorry, I just found this thread now.

There was a little interruption yesterday evening (CET) which we promptly fixed. All should long be back to normal by now.


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