Unable to update or download extensions

I’m using Knime Version 5.2.
Suddenly, I’m not being able to check any update or download new extensions.
I receive errors such like that:

Some sites could not be found. See the error log for more detail.
No repository found at https://update.knime.com/partner/5.2.
No repository found at https://update.knime.com/analytics-platform/5.2.
No repository found at https://update.knime.com/community-contributions/trusted/5.1.
No repository found at https://update.knime.com/community-contributions/5.2.

Most of these are the default ones. I’ve tryied to disable some and even find some more current sites in internet, but the error remains.
I’m not using VPN. Could Someone have any idea on how to solve it?

Hi @hmsantanna , Welcome to the Forum! Could you check if any firewall was introduced recently at your place? If yes, there could be multiple issues.

  1. The URL could be blocked.
  2. The firewall/gateway may be having its own certificate and hence it could be giving trouble.

If it is possible, use different network and check if you are able to connect (just to isolate the problem) - this gives confidence if the problem is with network or with system.

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My company has a proxy. I used the data required to configure it. But you give me some ideas.
I will try and give back to you.

Eureka!!! :slight_smile:
It was that.
I turned off VPN and ALSO turned off the proxy settings, and then chose Active Provider = Direct in Network Settings.
Now I can check for updates!!
Thanks for your hint!!!

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@hmsantanna , happy to know that you could solve the problem. Happy Kniming!

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